Thursday, December 17, 2009


16th December, 2009 (Wednesday) - Margasira Bahula Amavaasya - Dhanus Sankramana - Transit of Sun in to Dhanur Raasi (Sagittarius)
17th December, 2009 (Thursday) - Commencement of Dhanurmasam
13th January, 2010 (Wednesday) - End of Dhanurmasam
The period of Dhanurmasam begins with the transit of Sun into Dhanurasi(Sagittarius) of the zodiac where He will be there for a period of one month. It is highly auspicious time to worship and pray to Lord Sri Maha Vishnu during Dhanurmasam. Though it is Pushya Masam as per the Lunar Calendar it is Margasira Masam, the dearest month to Sri Hari as per Solar Calendar. It is highly meritorious to worship Lord SriManNarayana during Dhanurmasam in the early hours of the day, two hours before Sunrise approx between 4 to 6 am.
Why to worship early in the morning before sun rise?
As per the Hindu time element, it is said that, one day for Devathas is equal to one year for human beings comprising of 6 months of Uttarayana and 6 months of Dakshinayana. That means Uttarayana is the day time and Dakshinayana is the night time for devathas. The period of Dhanurmasam falling at the fag end of Dakshinayana indicates the last leg of the night time for Devathas (Arunodaya) when they worship Lord Sri Hari. Hence, it is befitting for human beings also to worship Lord Sri Maha Vishnu at the time that coincides with the Arunodaya time for Devathas. This incidentally coincides with the Dhanurmasam.
Lot of significance is given to Dhanurmasam in Vaishnava Sampradaya and all the Vishnu related temples perform special rituals and poojas early in the morning during this month. In Tirumala, the abode of Lord Sri Venkateswara, we find the priests reciting Tiruppavai a celestial song composed by Sri Godadevi an ardent devotee of Lord Sri Hari, instead of the regular Suprabhatham. It is highly meritorious to recite Sri Vishnu Sahasra Nama Sthothram, Purusha Sooktham, Sri Vishnu Sooktham and Narayana Upanishad during this period.
Other important dates (2009-2010) during Dhanurmasam
28th December,2009 (Monday) - Vaikunta Ekadasi
31st December, 2009 (Thursday) - Lunar Eclipse (Chandra Grahana)
13th January, 2010 (Wednesday) - Bhogi Festival

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